The Butcher Block Chef’s Box: A Gift For The Gourmet

A classically designed cutting and serving board storage system, The Butcher Block Prestige Chef’s Box™ is designed to fill all of your kitchen food prep, cutting chopping and food presentation needs. Clients can customize the topography of each board based on the intended use. Read on for some of the options ...

Wow your special people with this fabulous set of cutting boards from Grothouse!

Wow your special people with this fabulous set of cutting boards from Grothouse!

The Case:

A hand-made all solid hardwood box is custom designed to hold your size and number of cutting boards. The case is assembled with box joint joinery, can be ordered in any of Grothouse's 60+ wood species, and will be automatically sized to fit the number of cutting boards and size of cutting boards you specify. The typical thickness of the box walls is 3/4". You can choose a 3-drawer or 5-drawer configuration.


Standard finish for the cutting boards is Grothouse Original Oil. Durata® permanent finish is NOT recommend for the cutting boards. Durata® is not recommended for food prep applications. Standard finish for the case is Durata permanent finish in satin. The case may be stained if desired.


Rubber feet are standard and will be installed on the bottom of the case. If you need these deleted for your application, please communicate this when ordering.


The cutting boards are finished with Grothouse Original food safe oil. You will need to care for the cutting boards by oiling the blocks with The Grothouse Original Oil. A good rule of thumb is a minimum of once a week for the first month after you receive your blocks and monthly thereafter. The frequency will vary based on the environment and amount of use. The blocks should be oiled when they appear visually dry.

The Cutting Boards:

Standard cutting board size is 1-3/8″ thick x 16-1/4” deep x 18-1/8″ wide and is edge grain construction. The boards can be ordered in 60+ species of wood. The depth and width can also be adjusted to meet your specifications.

Cutting Board Topography Options:

FLAT: Good for standard chopping and slicing and bread service. The reverse side of the cutting boards will always have a flat surface unless specified otherwise.

JUICE GROOVE/CARVING BOARD: A great choice for carving meat, it will catch the juice so it doesn’t run onto the counter or the table. This board also works great for melons and other juicy fruits and vegetables. You may customize the shape of the groove to fit your needs. The standard is a simple rectangular groove around the outside edge. 

TRENCHER: The board tapers from the front edge to a sunken back at an angle. This board is an excellent performer for chopping and carving. It is particularly useful for chopping items like carrots that may roll off the edge of a cutting board.

SUNKEN CENTER: The center of the board is sunken. This is commonly used for serving cheese and grapes. It also serves well as a carving board.


Every Grothouse Butcher Block Prestige Chef’s Box™ includes engraving on the front edge of the cutting boards. Logos or text can be used on any or all pieces. Engraving on the work surface or bottom of the boards as well as the case is available for a small extra charge.


Cutting boards slide in and out on solid wood runners mounted to the sides of the box. These runners mate to slots in the side of the cutting boards. This allows of removal of the boards one at a time. If you plan on mounting the Prestige™ box vertically (in a cabinet, for example), you may wish to delete this feature.


There are many pull options for the Butcher Block Prestige™ Box. The box ships standard with no pulls. This allows the designer to match surface mount pulls to the rest of the kitchen space. The following custom pull options are also available:

THE “NO HARDWARE” GROOVE: This is a very European style, with no extension of pulls. This design limits the engraving to a maximum height of 3/16″.

TWO FINGER GRIP: This is a classic finger pull design, which is hand-chiseled into the front of each cutting board.

THE VERTICAL WOOD PULL: With this type, Grothouse makes a pull from the same wood or a different wood and integrates it seamlessly with your cutting boards.

Choices, choices, choices: the design, the 60+ wood species, the finish, and the lucky recipient(s) of this incredible, timeless gift.

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